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This post contains spoilers. You have been warned. If you didn't watch last night, congratulations. You are an adult who adults well. As for the rest of us, Winter is here.
The season opener was everything I'd hoped for and more. These were the 'thoughts' we screamed at the TV.

1) All of us, when 'Walder Frey' delivered his message & toast to every 'important' Frey.
For ONE fleeting moment, I felt like a horrible human being. Then I thought of Robb Stark, his wife & unborn child. The North remembers #angelofdeath #theredwedding #byebyefreys


2) Wait....is that Wun Wun???..Nooooooooooooooooo

3) When Little bear said she would not be knitting by the fire while men fought for her, and then set a grown man straight. Let them know, baby girl!


4) Live footage of me when Jon Snow insisted that man, woman and child take an  active role in getting ready for the psycho White Walkers, because they were ALL in mortal danger

5) Seeing Jon and Sansa fighting...sighhh. You know how siblings do. But LittleFinger just smirking in the corner, prolly making plans... I wanted to smack the smirk off his face. Jon. Didn't your sister JUST save your direwolfskin from Ramsay???? LISTEN. TO. YOUR. SISTER.
Mess around and get killed...AGAIN 😒


6) You know nothing, Cersei Lannister. You THINK you're very clever, but your children were your only redeeming qualities. Welp, at least you still have your cheekbones.

7) Has Euron been working out? Oh heeyyyy. Jamie thought he was shading Euron, until Euron threw the whole flaming tree at him, "...here I am with a thousand ships and two good hands."
Euron - 1000, Jamie Lannister - 0


8) When Brienne got distracted from teaching Pod to fight;
We know you like him toooooooo 😍


9) On Littlefinger telling Sansa he wants her to be happy:
Dear Lord Liar, have SEVERAL seats. She does not want you. Let's not forget you started this WHOOOOLE thing, and then were foolish enough to TELL one of the people most negatively affected by your schemes the truth. The North remembers, bruh. Learn something!!!


10) On Ed Sheeran's cameo;


11)   It was nice to have the small but impactful scene with Lord Friendzone. I'm was hoping he'd say,"Khaleesi" even once. Maybe next time?

12) "Shall we begin?" Is how I will start every meeting from here on out.

Winter is here, and it looks like there will be a TON to shovel up. HBO did not disappoint!!!


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